8 Things Happen When You’re 40

“Girl, I’m too old for this”

You say you’re not young anymore? I know what you mean.

There are so many changes going on and so much we can’t do anymore. Usually my sentence in any conversation these days starts with “now that i’m older…” How sad, isn’t it?

On the other hand, there are lots of things I CAN do because I’m older.

1. I can finally look around me and see clearly

Not that I particularly have more time now, I take time to do things. Just by taking time, I’m more considerate. I started to see things and think about things I didn’t before because I was just running ahead everyday.

I’m more generous and forgiven too. My value on things has been changed from materials to people, and that all of a sudden made my life fuller.

2. I am comfortable with older people

For me, until early 30’s, I still considered myself young. Older people around me are my parents, my teachers, my bosses, my pastors, etc. You know, people I don’t hang out with.

Now, it doesn’t feel strange to become friends with people I look up to. I’m more courageous (?) to talk to strangers and older people and let them know what I think and listen to what they believe.

We share our life experiences, and it’s comfortable. This not only adds new dynamics to mentorship, but also broadens my social circles.

be yourself

pic from pinterest.com

3. I am content with what I have

It’s never too late to try to write that novel, start that business, travel the world or launch that social activism campaign you’ve always dreamed about. But even if your life goals haven’t happened by the time you’ve hit 40, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be content with the life you have.

I can see I have a lot. I look at what I have more than what I don’t have. That doesn’t make me have more, but believe me. Strangely, I feel like I have more than when I was focusing on what I don’t have.

Finding the balance between ambition and contentment isn’t easy, but it’s part of living with big dreams.

4. I stand up for what I believe in

I guess once I let go of things and not caring so much about what others think, i became courageous (?). Like I said earlier, I can tell people what I know, what I think right, and what I believe in without worrying about what others will say. I learned to respect others and their opinions, and in exchange, I stand up for myself and people I trust.

5. I let myself to be choosy

I’m being careful what I eat, what I buy, who i hang out, and where I want to be. I’m old enough to choose what I like and what I want.

be yourself again

pic from pinterest.com

6. I tell the truth

I’m old enough. I have things to say, and say it. I say ‘no’ when I want to or don’t want to. I can tell my own opinion confidently. My friends understand it, I value their opinions. I believe telling the truth is the best way to avoid future problems.

I can also tell what I know.  My experiences in life is enough to place my trust on. I made tons of mistakes, I had tons of successes, and I have tons of know-hows. Now these are the things I can tell young ones about to help them out.

7. I let go and unplug

I don’t go minding all the little things anymore. I let go. I don’t dwell on things that didn’t work out. Instead, celebrate what worked out more.

I unplug when needed. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of working long hours. Not that it’s bad (cause i love it), but I learned to unplug sometimes from work, so I can do more physically. Trip to my parents, having a birthday party, hiking on a mountain, walking my dog to a park, talking to my nieces (which can be very challenging sometimes)…

8. I can be myself, no one else

I let go of myself too. I don’t have to be perfect. I stopped trying to be perfect. I stopped trying to follow trends, I stopped following celebrities fashion into mine.

I accept who I am. I accept my flaws. I know what I can and what I can’t. I’m not ashamed of myself for who I am. I do what makes myself ‘me.’ Being ‘me’ is more fun.


Start your day with confidence!

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***Guys, I’m taking a break for a month. I know, this year has been so busy for me personally. Hope some good changes will come. Until i see you again, be confident, PinKixxes!


Why Do You Wear Jewelry?

We like them.

We wear them everyday.

But why?

We’re talking about J-E-W-E-L-R-Y!

Did you hear about the 4mm tiny gold bead that could be the world’s oldest gold artifact discovered a week ago?

I don’t know about you, but it makes metal lovers like us excited and curious.

Why do you wear jewelry? What does jewelry mean to you?

oldest gold artifact

Europe’s and probably the world’s oldest gold artifact by Reuters / dimitar kyosemarliev

Jewels were always part of human culture. Even from the times when humans first started using clothes and tools some 100.000 years ago, jewels were produced from any kind of materials that were available – stones, animal skins, feathers, plants, bones, shells, wood, and natural made semi-precious materials.


As the time went on, advancing technology enabled artisans to start taming metals and precious gems into works of art that influenced entire cultures and many modern jewelry styles.

However, no matter how long it’s been, the purpose of wearing jewelry always remained the same – they enabled wearer to express himself/herself non-verbally and showcase wealth, rank, political and religious affiliation, or affections toward someone.

history of jewelry1

No matter how old or young you are, jewelry has been to express yourself, and show who you are and your affection toward someone. That’s why we wear jewelry.

Jewelry is your statement to the world without words from your mouth. Showing is much more powerful than talking about it.

modern jewelry wearers

modern jewelry wearers images from pinterest.com

What do you wear to express yourself today? What does your jewelry show to people now?

Is that power? Is that your delicacy or prettiness? Is that your determination?

Remember you’re showing who you are everyday.

Make sure people get it. Make sure to wear that represents you. Even if it’s just one tiny piece around your neck, or your wrist, or on your earlobe.

Make sure you show who you are today, and be confident as always!


Start your day with confidence!

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30 Things You Can Do When You Are 30

“Girl, when we were younger…”

Yep, I say that, I hear that. Often, actually. There are so many changes going on in our 30s and so much we can’t do anymore. But, don’t be sad, ladies!

There are lots of things we CAN do because we’re older. Gotta love that, right?

marilyn monroe - dont give a damn woman in 30.jpg

Here’s my list of 30 things you can do when you’re 30:

  1. Can look in the way i want to – i don’t have to be on top of the fashion or beauty trends anymore. i wear what i want, i go out without makeup on and be still proud of myself.
  2. Can buy something nice.
  3. Eat better and cook better meal – i can take my sweet time to enjoy more too.
  4. Have better relationships with people who are close – i send them thank you notes, send flowers with no reason whatsoever, call mom cause she’s getting older too, etc.
  5. Buy the good wine.
  6. Use proper glasses – flutes or coupes for sparkling wine, pint glasses for beer, etc.
  7. Take a lesson (golf, cooking, pole dancing, whatever).
  8. Go on a road trip to visit an old friend.
  9. Tell the truth.
  10. Say “no” – this is biiiig.
  11. Look past a person’s flaws.
  12. Look past my own flaws.
  13. Be selective who I have a relationship with.
  14. Maintain relationships – i’m more mature and patient now, also i know how precious relationships are.
  15. Go to the gynecologist without being embarrassed.
  16. Speak to strangers.
  17. Handle rejection quite well.
  18. Be happy for other people, instead of jealous or competitive.
  19. Can ignore the Kardashians, Rihanna and every other celebrity people talk about on social media.
  20. Ignore people’s negative comments.
  21. Ignore my ex.
  22. Stand up for myself.
  23. Stand up for people I care about.
  24. Take a taxi home instead of insisting I’m okay to drive.
  25. Stop worrying about whether people like me or think I’m pretty.
  26. Show young ladies what independence looks like.
  27. Avoid the drama.
  28. Swap the tanning lotion for eye cream.
  29. Focus on the smart guy instead of the handsome guy.
  30. Stop trying to be perfect.

Which you agree the most or disagree? What’s different in your list? Please share with us in the comment.


Start your day with confidence!

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4 Tips for Your Most Important Body Part

Which body part you consider most important?

I guess it’s no brainer.

It’s your brain.

The older we get, the better we have to take care of our body.

And yet, we don’t really think about taking care of our brain which is probably the most important part of our body.

taking care of our brain

Women have become more and more of ultimate multi-taskers, and it takes a toll on our brains.

Recent news reports also say that stress might cause women’s brains to age more rapidly. More reasons to hate stress, right?

Debbie Edmunds, the owner of H.O.P.E. Psychotherapy of Houston says,

“The brain is the only organ that to date cannot be grown in a lab or transplanted, yet it is often the most neglected. When it isn’t functioning in a healthy manner, our lives suffer. So having a healthy brain is paramount to mental, physical and spiritual health.”

Also, the president of Women’s brain Health Initiative, Lynn Posluns confirms,

The latest research confirms dementia develops faster in women than in men, women are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s, and not just because we live longer.”

Women’s brains are more vulnerable to other problems associated with cognitive function as well.

Not to mention, women are twice as likely as men to have Alzheimer’s and dementia. Yikes.

It’s obvious we have to take care of our brain now, pronto.

So here are tips we can use to keep our brain active, strong and healthy.

1. Eat right


Our brains consume a great deal of our bodies’ overall resources. The foods we eat directly impact the brain’s ability to function at the highest level.

Eat poorly, and your memory, attention and focus will suffer.

Nuts, greens, fish, whole grains, poultry, fruits and vegetables, and olive oil have been linked to better cognitive function and a lower risk of Alzheimer’s.

Also they deliver more omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and B vitamins to both the heart and brain.

Processed foods and sugars don’t provide a continual flow of nutrients, especially B vitamins, so let’s stay away from them as much as we can.

2. Exercise

Twenty(20) percent – that’s the proportion of blood flowing from the heart that goes to our brains.

Exercise increases heart health, which in turn ensures your brain gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Perform exercises that increase cardiovascular health, such as aerobics, yoga, or fast walking.


Dr. Ron Petersen, director of the Mayo Alzheimer’s Research Center, also cites exercises such as “150 minutes a week of brisk walking” and staying intellectually and socially active.

In addition, the National Stroke Association estimates that up to 80 percent of all cases can be prevented by exercising and not smoking, as well as by maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Challenge Your Brain

Like any other part of our body, the brain needs exercise. Though it benefits from physical exercise, the brain also needs mental challenges to keep it engaged, challenged, and sharp.

Any activity that requires deeper thought or increased focus/attention is ideal.

Play cards. Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle. Play memory games that are easily downloaded as mobile applications or go the old-fashioned route and buy a memory board game. There are myriad ways to stimulate the 100 billion neurons in your brain.

Challenge yourself mentally on a regular basis.

And, thinking on the bright side matters too: Negative thoughts can hinder your brain’s ability to think straight and form memories, according to research from King’s College in London.

4. Meditate


Meditation reduces anxiety, helps with addictions, and improves concentration and attention.

If you have a few minutes in the morning or evening (or both), rather than turning on your phone or going online, see what happens if you try quieting down your mind, or at least paying attention to your thoughts and letting them go without reacting to them.

If the research is right, just a few minutes of meditation may make a big difference.

“You’re never too young to start looking after your brain health,” experts say. So, let’s take care of our brain and have a brain-healthy day everyday!

***all images are from pinterest.com.


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Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women #3

Too much? Too little?

Yes, we’re talking about your closet. Is it overflowing with clothes you don’t wear? Do you need to buy new clothes for change of season or career?

What fills up your closet? Today, we’re going to talk about what fills most of my closet.

It is basics, it’s ageless, it’s timeless, and it’s absolute essentials. That’s right. I’m talking about C-A-S-U-A-L!

1. Shirts

Long length t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, plain t-shirt, plain button-down shirt, long button-down shirt, long and shirt sleeve button-down shirt…now, the patterned or figury printed ones…and then onto the sleeveless ones… Yep, there are plenty.

As much as I believe nothing wrong with having many shirts in my closet, let’s be honest. We don’t really need that many.

When it comes to fashion, Mix and Match is your friend as I mentioned in the previous article. You can create many different looks with one shirt by using different accessories, bottomwears, or outerwears.

When it’s long, which is very popular now, it’s perfect to wear with tight pants or leggings.

casual long shirt with leggings

casual long shirt with leggings

Layering shirts is also a great fashion idea.

layering shirts

layering shirts

2. Jeans

Jeans, jeans, jeans. Can’t live without them, and can’t live without them. I’m a huuuge fan of jeans.

Tight or not (and let’s not forget there are lots of nots), Ripped or not, White or black or colored… It used to be hard to find the right fit, but it became much easier to find the one I like, thanks to skinny jeans and spandex.

casual jeans

casual jeans

3. Knit Tops

Since the college days, I loved knit wears religiously. It lasts forever as long as you store it properly, and they don’t go out of fashion (yeah, as you can guess i’m not talking about the ugly holiday sweater, haha).

casual knit top

casual knit top

Layering with other shirts also look fashionable.

4. One Piece Dresses

Easy and efficient.

You just throw one on and coordinate with a long necklace, you are ready to take off.

casual one piece dress

casual one piece dress

another casual one piece dress

another casual one piece dress

5. Cardigan or Blazers

Yep, another essentials for your casual outfits.

But, the reason blazers are essential for your closet is that it doesn’t just accompany casual looks but business looks as well.

As many of our PinKixxes are, for a career woman, a blazer is a must-have to carry at all times just in case any occasion you might face or anyone you might meet on a short notice. A blazer changes your casual look instantly to semi-business one, even with your blue jeans.

casual blazer

casual blazer

Cardigans make you look more relaxed and elegant. Also it’s a plus that it’s easy to carry around.

casual cardigan

casual cardigan

6. Long Skirts

Long skirts don’t have to be formal. I actually have to say wearing a long skirt is even more comfortable than wearing jean pants if it’s possible. And at the same time, it creates a mature look I love.

casual long skirt

casual long skirt

All images are from pinterest.com.

A quick useful tip for your shopping this weekend. If you find any cloth that fit you well, you might want to get them in different colors and multiple ones if possible. You might not find them again.

Please remember your style and colors when you shop too.

There you have it! What’s your favorite casual look? Please share them in the comment.


Finish your perfect outfit with cool jewelry today!

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