12 Simple Tricks to Remodel Your Rooms for Spring

It’s already March, and Spring is right around the corner.

I know our PinKixxes love to decorate their places, but we have no time to do as much as we want, so this week, we’re gathered all the simple trendy tricks and tips we can immediately use to give our rooms a complete make-over.

1. Place mirrors

Mirrors can make a space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room, not to mention it makes the room look bigger. One thing to remember is not to place the mirrors directly across from window, so it wouldn’t bounce the light right back out the window.


2. Put the bed up

Place bed-risers under your bed frame to show more floors in the room. Also using the legged furniture in the room is a great simple idea to change the feel or look of the room.

3. Use unique wall deco

Would’n’t that be wonderful to paint your walls to a different color? That would make the whole place look different, but unfortunately we don’t really have time for that.

Artworks on the wall are big in 2016. Try DIY too. Hang a new decoration on the wall and add new texture on the wall. If you never tried a wallpaper or wall-decal, this is a good time for you to do it this year.

wall deco

4. Display artisan goods

Having one of a kind handmade goods in your room changes a lot. Show your personality with unique pieces from an artist you like and be proud to be a supporter of arts too.

Find local art fairs, gallery walks, or hole-in-the-wall boutiques. Sometimes, larger home décor stores also feature a local artisan’s section in addition to their regular inventory. Also niche sites like Etsy can be good places to find natural fibers, organic shapes and hand-woven textiles, or other artisan goods.

artisan item2

5. Bring outdoors in

Add rustic touches such as Pinecones or Binoculars on your shelf as decoration. If you can go big, try outdoor furnitures inside. It’ll definitely change your room.

6. Place new curtain for window and shower door

This will be big just like painting the walls in new color. Have a theme for each room or for your entire place, and change or try curtains for your windows and shower doors. Also new bed sheets and pillow covers can make you feel like you’re in a completely different bedroom.


7. Try metals and metalics

This year, shimmering metallic sheens are finding their way onto textiles and accessories alike. Ranging from “Hollywood chic” to “subtly spectacular,” it’s easy to find a look that matches your sense of style. And what better way to complement your shiny new set of throw pillows than with copper, bronze, and rose-toned accessories like statuettes, vases, bookends and more, right?

8. Have a throw or rug 

Get a new throw for your sofa or Have a rug on your floor. One shade lighter colored rugs on the floor would be perfect.

floor rug

9. Leave your cabinet open

This is another simple trick to make your dining room or living room look completely different.

cabinet open

10. Decorate your doors

If you’re up for it, paint your door for a new color. If you’re short on time, just hang something on your door or use a decal. Don’t forget your front door too to welcome your guests.

door decal

11. Clean up / Keep simple

Less is more. Clean up the clutters. Don’t be afraid to throw out things that have been collecting dusts, and let’s see some floors and spaces!

12. Use what you have

You don’t need anything new to remodel your room at all. Have a day aside and move around your furnitures and decorations.

***all pics in the article are from pinterest.com or reference articles below.


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Future Is Here – CES2016

Future Is Here” That’s what they said. That’s what it was.

So, this year, again, I took time to go see Consumer Electronic Show (CES). And, it was INCREDIBLE (again)!

It rained so hard on the way to Vegas, it was scary to drive.

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

Fortunately, the rainy days that were anticipated stayed minimum, and we saw the sun most of the days of the event.

Of course, what I would look for is inspirations for my future designs. From what I saw, the future contains lots of sleek, minimal, and geometric designs.



Although the big companies’ displays were spectacular, the most surprising aspect of the event was to see lots of new small businesses showing up with their new innovative products, and that was where the most people stayed at for real business. So much that on friday, I couldn’t even see where I was going in the crowd. I don’t know how many times I was lost (my goodness).

I was so excited on the first day, I got up too early. Like 4 hours early. I strolled around to see the Venetian hotel. It was weird and interesting to see the famous spots completely empty with no one around at all, which came back to life with full of people later.

ces2016-venetian hotel

ces2016-venetian hotel

The most impressive products for me are always something small, something everyone knows, and something that makes me ‘a-ha.’ More likely, “a-ha, why didn’t anyone think about this before?” A simple product that everyone at least thought about once. I personally think that is the money maker.

One thing I learned particularly from this CES was that PACKAGING is so important. I found myself attracted to the better (modern-looking) packaging once I see the potential on the product. When I saw great products that did not come with the good packaging, it was a turn-off. I would back off. It was interesting to me because when you learn marketing, you already know this, but when you actually see it in person and experience it, it’s ‘wow, it’s true.’

I’ve met so many different people from so many different places. I’ve talked to a lot of interesting people. It was 4 days of fun and learning experience for the future.

Were you there this year? What was your most interesting experience at CES 2016? Please share with us in the comment!


6 Awesome Gift Packing Ideas!

Alright, alright. You are all ready.

Everyone’s in holiday moods, and (almost) all of you have gifts you want to give out this christmas and holiday season. How’s your packaging coming along? The packaging from the store looks good and convenient, but why don’t you give a little more personal touch on the thoughtful gifts you picked out for your loved ones?

1. Words

Putting thoughtful words on each gift for the person who will receive the gift is always heartwarming.

Gift Package with Words

Gift Package with Words

2. Nature

Any gift wrapping for winter holidays that involves nature related patterns or objects looks more festive. Not to mention, they look fabulous!

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

3. Use what you already have

These brown paper bags are very useful in various ways, even for the gift wrapping!

Paper Bag Packaging

Paper Bag Packaging

4. Warmth

Do you have a sweater you are not wearing anymore? It looks always nice to decorate with something that reminds us the season. We thought this warm wool sweater idea was perfect for the winter holiday gifts.

Sweater Wrapping

Sweater Gift Wrapping

5. Neon and Colors

A lot of items from Colorful PinKixx are about modern colors. Adding colors on the gift would be a lot of fun.

Neon Color Ribbon Packaing

Neon Color Ribbon Packaging

6. Geometric

PinKixx’s Geometric Collections are all about geometric shapes and making them fashionable. These geometric patterns will make your gift package more unique and modern.

Geometric Pattern Packaging

Geometric Pattern Packaging

There you have it. For more details, please click on the pictures.

PinKixx wishes you all a wonderful Christmas and happy Holidays!

Geometric Thanksgiving Party!

It’s finally here! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of the beloved holidays for many people, and it is the first one of the 3 major holidays in winter! I feel like everyday is going to be a holiday from now on until the new years weekend.

It’s so much fun gathering around holidays. It’s a wrap-up, it’s a sharing, it’s a healing time for the new beginning. Today, we’re going to make our thanksgiving dinner party more fun with Geometric ideas.

1. Geometric Table Setup

You don’t have to worry about the whole set up to be in geometric in every way. Setting up a modern party is all about having it simple. Your table set-up can be geometric just with a table sheet or table runner.

geometric table set up 1

geometric table set up 1

geometric table set up 2

geometric table set up 2

Also you can try geometric silverwares or plates.

geometric table setup 3

geometric table setup 3

geometric table set up 4

geometric table set up 4

Another idea is to set up a nice message on each plate. Of course, in a geometric way.

setting up your table with messages

setting up your table with messages

Setting up a geometric center piece can also show your geometric love in a big way!

geometric center piece for home party

geometric center piece for home party

2. Geometric Decoration

You can see a lot these days to decorate parties with hanging colorful cubes. Not just for kids’ parties, depending on the cubes you’re making and the way you’d be using them, cubes can be a lot of fun and beautiful decoration for any party.

geometric decoration for home party

geometric decoration for home party

Put the geometric toys out for guests to enjoy before or after the dinner is a great touch to have fun.



3. Geometric Outfit

Now, for your fashion. We are not going to talk about it in full here since our geometric fashion article is coming up soon, but expressing your love for geometric can be full throttle on your outfit, and it’s easy to coordinate. Simple dresses can be very effective to show your modern side.



What is your way to enjoy a geometric party? Please share with us!

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Geometric Halloween Parte!

It’s our favorite holiday again! Is your halloween costume ready? What are you going to be this year? If you’re tired of being a zombie, a bleeding monster, a super hero, or someone famous from tv or movie, why don’t you try something v-e-r-y different this year? It’s even v-e-r-y fashionable too!

GEOMETRIC MAKEUP for your halloween costume


fun halloween geometric makeup

What do you think? Awesome, right? When you know which geometric design you’re going with for your face, you know how to finish up your costume with the matching geometric nails!

GEOMETRIC NAILS for your halloween



So, tell us. What is your halloween costume this year? Please share in the comment!

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