Popular Personalized Gifts for Graduates!

Hats off to you, Graduates!

You all have done well, and now here you are as a Graduate excited for another new beginning in your life. Congrats!!!

We took a lot of special custom orders for their loved ones for this season. We’d like to share some of the great gift ideas received from our PinKixxes.

1. Silver Message Necklace


Silver Message Necklace for graduates

Sterling Silver Message Necklace comes with the words you’d like to give to your loved ones. This “Courage” “Strength” “Hope” “Love” and many other words encourage the new beginner to move forward. This silver necklace can be worn at all times and for years to come.

2. Morse Bracelet / Necklace

morse bracelet to send your meaningful message

morse bracelet to send your meaningful message

Something different, something meaningful. Created for a mom who had a daughter traveling for a long while away from home, our Morse Bracelet has been customized for many daughters and sons to give them meaningful message that their loved ones remember them.

3. Silver Angel Wing Bracelet

silver angel wing bracelet with turquoise

lovely silver angel wing bracelet with turquoise

This Silver Angel Wing Bracelet has been consistently popular, but this is the first time to be included in popular listings for Graduates! Thank you for your continuous love for our Angel Wing Bracelet!


Let’s celebrate their special day!

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Your Queen’s Jewelry

I still remember.

This is a special day. She carefully selects her outfit to wear, she sits down in front of mirror to put on makeups for a change, she does her hair more than just combing, then…

She puts her pearl necklace for the last touch…

The last piece she put on, I knew that was special for her.

When I think about my mom, I think about pearls. Something special about it, isn’t there?

Marguerita, Queen of Italy. Love her layers of pearls!

Marguerita, Queen of Italy. Love her layers of pearls!

Pearl Jewelry has been popular all around the world for centuries.

Queens and Princesses favored them.

history of jewelry4-1

Queen Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth’s great grandmother, loved jewelry, and she was only ever seen covered in pearls and diamonds. She even popularized pearl chokers!


Consuelo Vanderbilt | The Duchess of Marlborough frequently wore a pearl choker/collar that reputedly belonged to Catherine the Great of Russia and the Empress Eugenie (wife of Napoleon III). In 1918, she donated a “collar composed of 15 rows of the Vanderbilt pearls” valued at $ 25k, to a “children’s jewel fund” of which she was treasurer. During the second decade of the 20th Century she was a leading champion of women’s rights and child welfare causes too (a reason to love her even more).


Remember, the infamous Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s 3 layered pearl necklace?

One of the reasons why pearls are so popular is that pearls are so easy to coordinate, and it goes perfectly with so many different outfits we wear. It matches with so many, but at the same time, it is special. It looks special, it makes you look special, and it makes you feel special.


Princess Diana also had a lot of varieties of pearl jewelry we loved so much.

So many different colors, so many different types, and so many different styles of Pearl jewelry attract the wide range of wearers.

history of jewelry2

The oh-so-elegant Grace Kelly also had several precious pearl jewelry she frequented.

Another thing we love about pearls is that it’s timeless. It was popular centuries ago. It is popular now. It will still be everywhere in the future too.

The pearl earrings, the pearl necklace, the pearl bracelet you received at your wedding, your graduation, or your birthday (june is pearl month!), you will still have it at your 90th birthday, and it’ll still make you look special (and fashionable too of course). It lasts forever!

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Initial on a pearl chain at PinKixxJewelry

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Initial on a pearl chain

PinKixx has pearl bracelets that could be personalized for your love ones. Of course, you can request a special customized piece for your mom, daughter, or wife too!

initial bracelet with pearl chain on sale for wedding at PinKixxJewelry

initial bracelet with pearl chain

May 8 is mothers day this year. Don’t forget to send her something – a phone call, a card, a gift, a visit…

The most important thing is to make your queen happy! 🙂

For another pearl related blog you can read is HERE.

What is your favorite pearl jewelry on your mom? Please share your story with us in the comment!


Let’s finish their special day with pearl jewelry today!

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Valentines Day Gift Guide: Jewelry and Love

How did Jewelry linked with love? Have you ever wondered about that?

When it comes to Valentines’ day or Special day for ladies, the usual gift people come to is jewelry. Jewelry has been a leading fashion item that showed love in nonverbal way.

Throughout the history, Jewelry has been in our daily lives. Romantic jewelry has been greatly influenced by English Queen Victoria. Her pensionable love toward her husband, art and jewelry managed to sway traditions and change fashion styles several times during her long reign from 1837 to 1901.

silver heart necklaces for lovers

silver heart necklaces for lovers

Late years of romanticism are today remembered as the time when some of the greatest jewelry creations of all time were made. Romantic motif developed from that period varies in hearts, anchors, snakes, crosses, animals, stars, crescent moons, and more.

jewelry in romantic motif for valentine day gift

jewelry in romantic motif from pinterest.com

Jewelry is timeless love. Express your love this valentine’s day. Wear the piece that shows that you’re loved.

To celebrate this special day, PinKixx is running a special sale. All orders are now with 15% off. Please use a coupon code “VLT1615” when checking out. This special expires on feb. 14, 2016, pacific time.

Which is your favorite love themed jewelry? Let us know in the comment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’ll wear a maze on a necklace, dangling over my chest, because if you want to get at my heart, you have to be ready to lose yourself.” – Jarod Kintz


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6 Awesome Gift Packing Ideas!

Alright, alright. You are all ready.

Everyone’s in holiday moods, and (almost) all of you have gifts you want to give out this christmas and holiday season. How’s your packaging coming along? The packaging from the store looks good and convenient, but why don’t you give a little more personal touch on the thoughtful gifts you picked out for your loved ones?

1. Words

Putting thoughtful words on each gift for the person who will receive the gift is always heartwarming.

Gift Package with Words

Gift Package with Words

2. Nature

Any gift wrapping for winter holidays that involves nature related patterns or objects looks more festive. Not to mention, they look fabulous!

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

3. Use what you already have

These brown paper bags are very useful in various ways, even for the gift wrapping!

Paper Bag Packaging

Paper Bag Packaging

4. Warmth

Do you have a sweater you are not wearing anymore? It looks always nice to decorate with something that reminds us the season. We thought this warm wool sweater idea was perfect for the winter holiday gifts.

Sweater Wrapping

Sweater Gift Wrapping

5. Neon and Colors

A lot of items from Colorful PinKixx are about modern colors. Adding colors on the gift would be a lot of fun.

Neon Color Ribbon Packaing

Neon Color Ribbon Packaging

6. Geometric

PinKixx’s Geometric Collections are all about geometric shapes and making them fashionable. These geometric patterns will make your gift package more unique and modern.

Geometric Pattern Packaging

Geometric Pattern Packaging

There you have it. For more details, please click on the pictures.

PinKixx wishes you all a wonderful Christmas and happy Holidays!

Modern Holiday Gift Guide for Confident Women Who Have Everything

“I don’t need anything”

That’s what she’ll say. You just know it.

It’s always tougher to find something for people who are close to you. You’ve been there and done that for years. Now you’re out of ideas. Not that you don’t know about her, it’s just that it’s hard to come up with a new idea to please her. After all, she already has everything. So what are we going to get for her holiday gift?

Here we have something unique she’ll enjoy and something she can’t have enough of.

1. Matching Scarf and Gloves

Who doesn’t need scarfs in winter, and if it has matching gloves? That’s a must-have.

matching scarf and gloves

matching scarf and gloves for holiday gift

2. iPad or Laptop Covers

If she’s techy, she’d appreciate something that would help her out with her gadgets. Try unique ipad or laptop covers.

ipad cover for holiday gift

ipad cover for holiday gift

3. Geometric Shirt

I know a lot of PinKixxes like geometric and modern designs. They’ll love unique and fashionable shirts that are easy to coordinate.

geometric shirt for holiday gift

geometric shirt for holiday gift

4. Geometric Earrings

If she’s a confident fashionista, she’d enjoy long earrings. Especially, geometric earrings are unique and specific to show the wearer’s personality.

long geometric earrings for confident women for holiday gift

long geometric earrings for confident women for holiday gift

5. Oversized Bag

Oversized bags are necessity for confident women these days. It’s convenient to carry that can accommodate everything you need everyday.

oversized bag for holiday gift

oversized bag for holiday gift

geometric bag for holiday gift

geometric bag for holiday gift

6. Unique Ring

I personally love finger rings. When it’s unique in design, it’s always welcome to receive.

geometric ring for holiday gift

geometric ring for holiday gift

7. Gadgets in Modern Design

You say she’s into modern design that is fun and unique? These colorful cup holders or any kitchen aid in modern design found in “fancy.com” would do the trick for her.

cup holder for holiday gift

cup holder for holiday gift

Did you get enough ideas for her holiday gift? Click on each picture to see the details. Enjoy!