5 Must-Haves in Your Summer Beach Bag for Tech Savvy Women

We are at Summer-Peak!

Hitting the beach any time soon? Whether it’s in your town or overseas, you gotta have all the essentials to enjoy your time fully at the beach.

These are must-haves in your summer beach bag this year. Even more, for smart, savvy, fashionable, and pro beach-goers!

1. Turkish Towels

You’ll find rave reviews about Turkish towels, sometimes known as Peshtemal towels, all over the internet. These cotton towels feel like silk and take up less room than a normal beach towels, in addition to being highly absorbent and quick-drying. And they come in many colors and patterns to best fit your personality (and match your bathing suit too, of course.)


pic from amazon.com

2. Water-proof Case

Nothing is worse than getting sand in those tiny crevices of your phone or stuck to your favorite lip balm. A water-resistant case/pouch will keep all of your essentials safe from the elements.

3. Podo

Love selfies, but hate selfie sticks? Podo is a “stick-and-shoot” camera that will bring your selfies to the next level. Simply stick it to any nearby surface, adjust the position, and take the photo from an app on your phone. Keep the back clean and you’ll be able to reuse Podo over and over again, and you’ll never have to bring a selfie-stick again.


pic from podo

4. Beach-ready Sound System

Don’t be the noisy one at the beach, but a waterproof/sandproof/shockproof portable speaker is just the thing to make your best beach day. “Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker” also floats in water and has up to 10 hours of battery life, and it’s Bluetooth, so you’ll be able play music from your phone while you take the speaker for a dip.

5. Functional Beach Bag

Probably the most important thing to remember on your trip to the beach is the bag itself. While beach bags come in all different styles and uses, I’m obsessed with this extremely functional beach bag from Dezzio. It holds your towel, protects your electronics, keeps your drinks cold, and even charges your phone, satisfying every need you could possibly want in a beach bag.


pic from dezzio

What is your must-haves in your beach bag this year? Please share with us in the comment! 🙂

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Your Summer Blue Gemstone Jewelry Is Here!

It is hot. It is summer.

Everyone is heading to a beach every chance they get.

Blue sky, blue ocean…Blue seems to enlighten and relax people’s mood.

blue sky

Blue is the most widely loved color for both men and women according to major surveys.

Blue means trust, honesty and loyalty. This is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order – we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky.

No wonder blue is popular in jewelry in summer. That’s why a lot of our PinKixxes love blue turquoise and blue gemstone jewelry.

Here are some popular blue gemstone items from PinKixx for you to enjoy:

1. Blue Turquoise Bracelets


click for blue turquoise bracelets

These Blue Turquoise Bracelets have been one of the long-loved items from PinKixx, and still going strong. It can be gifted to any lady you know. We also have other small silver charms you can customize as you wish.

2. Blue Bullet Necklace

blue bullet necklace

click for blue bullet necklace

We love this Bullet Necklace on a springy net tube. You can customize the color of the gemstone and the tube. Perfect necklace for the colorful summer!

3. For Elise Necklace

for elise blue turquoise necklace

click for-elise blue turquoise necklace

This Blue Turquoise Pendant definitely stands out when you wear it. Very unique piece with our favorite silver bubble accents. It can be a special gift for a special lady! We had this in the beginning of our DistinQue Days and brought it back for a short time for summer.

So, now what’s your favorite blue gemstone jewelry you own? Please share with us in the comment. 🙂

And, have a colorful summer with our blue gemstone jewelry!


5 Easy Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Summer time!

We are out, and we are going around. It’s a traveling season!

As much as we all want to travel more, there are tons of reasons why women don’t travel alone, especially to several particular countries.

While it IS true that you have to be extra careful when you go alone, most of the common dangers you will face CAN be prevented easily.

Here are some easy breezy safety tips for you to use on your next solo trip.

female solo traveling

image from pinterest.com


Tailor your research to the type of place you are going and your own travel style. Check out the blogs other solo female travelers or posts for them. They are full of practical and good advice.


Make sure someone at home has all your information. Scan everything and give a copy to a friend and keep one with you. Do schedule for regular check ins with them too.

Chatting to local staff is not just a great way to ask about the local area. Ask them about any dangers currently happening that you should watch out for. Those information can’t be found in your travel book.

Also make yourself known to your hotel staff who may notice if you don’t return as expected. Tell them where you’re going and when you think you’ll be back.


Always get a card from the place you’re staying. If they don’t have cards, write the name, address and phone number and keep it with you. You can use this info in case you lose your way back. I also keep them as souvenirs personally.

underwater statues

underwater statues in mexico


It may be tough to look like a local, but try to mingle if possible. Don’t spread your map at a corner of a big street and stare at it to figure out how to get there. Learning a few phrases in the local language beforehand helps too.


Like don’t flash a stack of cash on the street. Store them safely (like in your secret pouch under your shirt) and have a pocket for some changes for a quick access.

Keep your valuables close to you or on you. Take extra time to be safe. Don’t get drunk alone. Have a travel insurance. Get a international calling card. You know the basic drill.


What is your tips you learned on traveling? Please share it with us in the comment, and stay safe and confident!

For more tips on traveling:


3 Bestsellers on Our Anniversary Celebration!

Whooping 50% off was what it was!

If you are PinKixx’s member, you should know from our monthly newsletter that our secret anniversary sale was on last Friday for members only.


Thank you for celebrating our anniversary together! 

Including the custom orders we received, Simple Silver collections were the winners this year!

silver turtle necklace

silver turtle necklace from pinkixx

This Silver Turtle Necklace was a surprise for us. We think it might be the symbol – longevity, patience, and wisdom – that holds.


Silver-Aspen-Leaf-Necklace from pinkixx

All time popular and bestseller from PinKixx. Silver Aspen Leaf Necklace never dies out. We’re going to miss it when leaf collections go away…

Silver Word Necklace - believe

Silver Word Necklace

Words don’t compete for your loved ones! Words you want them to know, words you want them to remember, words you want them to live by everyday… We suspect that Silver Word Necklace will be popular with our members for a long time. Thanks for all customized words you shared us for your special someone this season too.

For more Silver Collections, please see HERE.

7 Must-Have Apps for Career Women

How’s your summer going?

After the long holiday weekend, I’m all refreshed to go back to work, but at the same time, it’s hard going back to the work schedule again.

What do you use to increase your productivity? With your busy schedule, what helps you to keep up on everything on your to-do list?

I share some excellent apps that will help you keep on track of your everyday life and work.

1. Mint

This handy and simple-to-use personal budgeting app tracks your income and expenses, calculates average spending, and predicts balances for the end of the month or year. A clear and easy overview of your finances.

Mint app

2. Audible

Audible is the perfect app for intelligent women on the go. Brush up on your literature and keep your mind sharp while commuting to work, running errands, driving, or simply hanging around the house.

3. NTC (Nike Training Club)

With More than 100 gym workouts targeted to your goals and fitness level, along with step-by-step instruction and audio guidance, this app will keep you on track for your body and health. Also includes workouts from athletes such as Serena Williams and Paula Radcliffe.


Start your day with confidence!

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4. Week Calendar

Instead of the month or day view, it allows you to see your entire weekly schedule all laid out. You can cut, copy, and duplicate events, so it’s super convenient for repeated activities. With Week Calendar app, you can see your entire week right in front of your eyes, all organized and color-coded. Super convenient!


week calendar app

5. Evernote

When it comes to staying organized, no app is more helpful than Evernote. The app lets you organize notes, ideas, to-do lists, images, and more, all within a platform that syncs across all devices. If you’ve ever wished for a personal assistant, Evernote is the answer to your prayers.

6. Ruby by Glow

Ruby by Glow is essentially an all-purpose tool for women to take control of their sex lives. Geared towards empowering sexually active females, the app offers tools for keeping track of sexual activity, symptoms, and health as well as a menstrual cycle timer.


Ruby-Glow app

7. Flipboard

For women (or anyone) looking to stay informed and up-to-date without weeding through articles online or in print newspapers, Flipboard is the virtual solution to your problems. It provides an easy-to-digest, magazine-format platform for customizing news and social media content, so you can see the most interesting articles on your topics.


Here’s more for you if you’re into making your life easier with apps:


Please share in the comment which app you use to make your life easier!

<all images from iTunes>


Start your day with confidence!

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