8 Things Happen When You’re 40

“Girl, I’m too old for this”

You say you’re not young anymore? I know what you mean.

There are so many changes going on and so much we can’t do anymore. Usually my sentence in any conversation these days starts with “now that i’m older…” How sad, isn’t it?

On the other hand, there are lots of things I CAN do because I’m older.

1. I can finally look around me and see clearly

Not that I particularly have more time now, I take time to do things. Just by taking time, I’m more considerate. I started to see things and think about things I didn’t before because I was just running ahead everyday.

I’m more generous and forgiven too. My value on things has been changed from materials to people, and that all of a sudden made my life fuller.

2. I am comfortable with older people

For me, until early 30’s, I still considered myself young. Older people around me are my parents, my teachers, my bosses, my pastors, etc. You know, people I don’t hang out with.

Now, it doesn’t feel strange to become friends with people I look up to. I’m more courageous (?) to talk to strangers and older people and let them know what I think and listen to what they believe.

We share our life experiences, and it’s comfortable. This not only adds new dynamics to mentorship, but also broadens my social circles.

be yourself

pic from pinterest.com

3. I am content with what I have

It’s never too late to try to write that novel, start that business, travel the world or launch that social activism campaign you’ve always dreamed about. But even if your life goals haven’t happened by the time you’ve hit 40, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be content with the life you have.

I can see I have a lot. I look at what I have more than what I don’t have. That doesn’t make me have more, but believe me. Strangely, I feel like I have more than when I was focusing on what I don’t have.

Finding the balance between ambition and contentment isn’t easy, but it’s part of living with big dreams.

4. I stand up for what I believe in

I guess once I let go of things and not caring so much about what others think, i became courageous (?). Like I said earlier, I can tell people what I know, what I think right, and what I believe in without worrying about what others will say. I learned to respect others and their opinions, and in exchange, I stand up for myself and people I trust.

5. I let myself to be choosy

I’m being careful what I eat, what I buy, who i hang out, and where I want to be. I’m old enough to choose what I like and what I want.

be yourself again

pic from pinterest.com

6. I tell the truth

I’m old enough. I have things to say, and say it. I say ‘no’ when I want to or don’t want to. I can tell my own opinion confidently. My friends understand it, I value their opinions. I believe telling the truth is the best way to avoid future problems.

I can also tell what I know.  My experiences in life is enough to place my trust on. I made tons of mistakes, I had tons of successes, and I have tons of know-hows. Now these are the things I can tell young ones about to help them out.

7. I let go and unplug

I don’t go minding all the little things anymore. I let go. I don’t dwell on things that didn’t work out. Instead, celebrate what worked out more.

I unplug when needed. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of working long hours. Not that it’s bad (cause i love it), but I learned to unplug sometimes from work, so I can do more physically. Trip to my parents, having a birthday party, hiking on a mountain, walking my dog to a park, talking to my nieces (which can be very challenging sometimes)…

8. I can be myself, no one else

I let go of myself too. I don’t have to be perfect. I stopped trying to be perfect. I stopped trying to follow trends, I stopped following celebrities fashion into mine.

I accept who I am. I accept my flaws. I know what I can and what I can’t. I’m not ashamed of myself for who I am. I do what makes myself ‘me.’ Being ‘me’ is more fun.


Start your day with confidence!

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***Guys, I’m taking a break for a month. I know, this year has been so busy for me personally. Hope some good changes will come. Until i see you again, be confident, PinKixxes!


3 Things Confident People Have In Common

We covered what is NOT confidence last time. So, let’s talk about what confidence is today.

What IS confidence?

One thing you have to remember when it comes to confidence is that Being Confident Is Different for Each Person. Oprah’s confidence might not be my confidence. Finding your own confidence is a road to explore throughout our lives. Although everyone’s confidence is different, there are some common grounds you will find.

Confidence is:

1. To know yourself. They know what they are good at. Also know that what they are NOT good at. I may be confident speaking in public, but this may scare some of you to death. Confident people know what they can or can’t. They know their limits. They know what they should do and what to give to other to do. The most important question here is ‘Who am I?’ Describe yourself in details and find yourself. There’s no right or wrong, but the truth. Just accept who you are and be proud of yourself. One thing you have to be careful is not to come as bragging yourself. That’s a total turn-off and a spell to repel people which is the opposite of what confidence does.

confident woman quote

confident woman quote: image from pinterest.com

2. To know when to say sorry or thank you. Confident people apologize when they’re sorry. They recognize when they make mistakes and know how to apologize. Just like saying thank-yous to people who support them, just like they ask others to help them, just like they offer to help others, etc. Confident people know they don’t live alone, and they cherish friends and families and communities around them. Saying sorry does not mean you lost or are defeated. It’s NOT hard to say sorry. Saying thank-you doesn’t mean you owe someone either. Realize you cannot do everything yourself. Remember to help and get helped too.

3. To be honest and speak your mind. So many people can’t do it. Confident people can express themselves in one way or another. One thing they do differently is to be open-minded to accept others’ opinions too. Nobody can be always right. Confident people do make mistakes too. Accepting who you are means you are comfortable to be yourself in your own skin. When you’re comfortable to be yourself, you can look at others in different ways too. You’ll open yourself more and talk to people more freely without being worried about how they judge you.


Being confident is the key to life. Don’t be afraid to be you. Be confident and stand tall. Whatever you can do, own it and SHARE it with others. Keep your mind open which can leaf you to overcome your limit. You CAN do more than you think. Believe in yourself and just be you!
*a useful article I found about confident women:

Why Branding Yourself Is Important

What is Personal Branding? I’m sure you hear this a lot these days. This comes easy for some, and hard for some others. Either way, personal branding is necessity in your every life, and I’ll tell you why.

I got a question once. She was looking through our jewelry on the booth. When I asked if she was looking for something particular, she said, “Do you have something to make me look better?” How do you think I answered to that?

“I don’t think I do. I do have some that would make you look ‘you’ if you want to try.”

I make jewelry for confident PANKs. Good accessories bring YOU out, not making you look better. That can make you FEEL better and more confident. My jewelry is not loud because I want YOU to show, not covering you up with pretty things.

Cindy Crawford said, when we feel beautiful, we have confidence and self-assurance. True. That’s not the only time we have confidence and self assurance, but it’s one example. What do you do to feel beautiful? Buy a new dress? Go out on a date? Volunteer for non-profit organizations?

Some people have fun going to clubs every weekend. Some others save money to be happy. And, some, they buy things for their nieces for their own fun. Everyone has a different way to have fun or feel happy. Everyone has different ways to make them feel beautiful. Everyone’s different. Period.

personal branding for women from pinkixx jewelry be yourself always!

“be yourself always!” from pinkixx jewelry

Personal Branding is what defines YOU. You don’t have to have a business to try ‘personal brand.’ It’s something that makes you ‘YOU.’ You brand yourself no matter what you do. Lady Gaga is a brand. She also happens to sing. Oprah is a brand. She also owns a production company (along with other things of course). You are your own brand.

For people who have businesses, branding their selves are even more obviously critical. When you see someone who sells Samsung phones uses Iphone for himself, would you trust his product? If you find out the owner of blue jean store wearing a flowery dress everyday, would you buy her jeans? If you find out your coach who teaches self confidence are seeing a doctor for depression, would you keep going to her session? You are what you sell for business owners. I remember what people asked me over and over when I started my jewelry business, and I couldn’t understand why. “So, is that necklace you are wearing yours?” Why does it matter, I thought. Now I know why.

If I cannot define you, I can’t be friends with you because you confuse me. I don’t know who you are. I cannot trust you. It’s simple as that.

What people would say when they think about you? How do you want people to remember you? Or feel about you? Shy and quiet but determined? Strong, confident, and loud? Bright, smart, but lazy? How do you define yourself? Think about three(3) things that define the current you or the ‘you’ you want to become. This trick also helps you to define yourself in fashion and guide you what to buy and what not to buy.

Underneath each of those three(3), write a short description of what you mean by that word you chose. Like a sub-title under a title. Read these out loud every morning when you get up. Try to be that person every day. Plan a small things you can do to be that person and execute it. Read it out loud when you go to bed every night, and think about what you’ve done to make those definitions you that day. This might seem silly to some of you if you never tried this, but trust me. It works. Ask others who tried this too. They’ll tell you, it works. It all starts from your mind, and it ends with your mind.

Now you feel it? Personal branding is that important. Please share who you are in three(3) words in the comments, and don’t forget to be YOU everyday! Cheers!

Valentine Fashion for All

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

The V-Day is in just a few days. What’s your plan? Having fun at a Lock and Key party? Going out on a hot date? Watching “50 shades of grey” with your lady friends? Staying home for a cozy night? All sounds pretty darn good!

Whatever event you’re attending, you gotta dress up for the part. Here are some hot ones and fun ones for any plan you might have on Valentine’s Day.


Dress, dress, dress. Flirty, delightful, floral… Be the valentine for your partner. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Be the queen of the night!

Some ideas for valentine dresses:

hot dress for valentines day

hot dress for valentines day: image from pinterest.com


This year, Valentine’s day is Saturday. You can celebrate all day if you want. Accent your V-day fashion with Red. It could be shoes, it could be a lipstick, it could be earrings, a bag, socks, a scarf, a coat, a shirt, or any combination of above. Red is hot!


red-accent-for-valentines-day: image from pinterest.com


You still have to run errands, you have work to do out of office during the weekend, and Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Saturday night staying home resting after a long week is necessary and can be also fun. A hearty meal with your favorite wine, a nice conversation with your loved ones, gossiping with your girlfriends, a comedy movie in front of a fireplace… Also, whether it’s alone watching TV or with someone talking, you can laugh out loud as much as you want at home. Ha!


valentine-staying-home-shirts: images from pinterest.com

Some ideas for what to wear on V-day:


Whatever you wear or whatever you fancy this Valentine’s day, remember to be YOU and be happy!

***We love to hear from you about your Valentine’s Day. Please share your v-day plan in the comment with us. 🙂