November Holiday Giveaway Starts Now!

Wonderful Holidays are coming up very soon, and PinKixx is running November GIVEAWAY!

We had our huge sale in October for newsletter subscribers only. For November, we decided to run a  GIVEAWAY! We had a giveaway before, but never during the holiday season.

november giveaway from pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from modern collections from pinkixx jewelry

The giveaway rule is very simple. Every 5 orders we receive and complete, we’ll randomly pick one customer (in those 5) and send our FREE GIFT to her/him!

If you ordered from our Nature or Modern Collections, the giveaway gift will be one of our bestsellers from modern collections, Silver Infinity Bracelet (in the pic above).

If you ordered from our Geometric or Tube Collections, the giveaway gift will be also the bestseller from our Geometric collections, Long Cube Necklace (in the pic below).

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

The odds are pretty big for you to get a free gift, don’t you think? We’re going to run this giveaway for the whole month. Your order has to be made before November 30, midnight, pacific time. The winner will be contacted via email provided in the order.

This is going to be FUN! To participate, please visit our shop HERE!


It was HUGE what happened last friday with the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. It made many people excited and relieved, it was a big celebration of the whole country, and so many beautiful rainbow hearts and flags showed up everywhere to support and celebrate. Somehow this Independence day weekend feels much more than it used to be because of that. PinKixx has one more thing to celebrate this week. That is our 2ND ANNIVERSARY!

colorful cube necklace second anniversary free gift

2nd anniversary free gift

We wanted our anniversary to be extra-special this time, so we decided to include a FREE GIFT for our members. To support the whole country’s rainbow celebration and to celebrate our anniversary, we are giving away our signature colorful CUBE NECKLACES in any color of your choice for $50 or more orders!

The coupon code for this gift is


Please use it in the note to seller when checking out if the total of your order is more than $50 excluding the shipping charge. Check out our CUBE NECKLACES first to choose the color of your customized necklace and let us know what color of cube or tube you’d like to receive. Your special gift will be prepared and shipped to you along with your order.

This FREE GIFT special is available at both Nature & Modern PinKixx and Geo & Tube PinKixx stores, and it ends on July 5, midnight, pacific time. A part of sales for this special will be donated to a local non-profit LGBT organization.

Thank you so much for your support until now. We Hope to serve you another great year to make PANKs confident and proud!


500 Sale Celebration!

This is our second celebration this week! We reached 500 sales at one of our PinKixx Jewelry shop on Etsy this week!

celebrating for 500 sales

celebrating for 500 sale milestone

This is the first shop we opened up online when we were still DistinQue back in 2007. We have several online shops besides this, but this one reached the record first. Yay!

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, PinKixx is sending a free gift to our loyal customers who made this come true. If you purchased our jewelry from PinKixx on Etsy before December 10, 2014, please send us your name, the date and the item name of your purchase before December 31, 2014. We’ll send you the angel wing earrings to the same address you made your order. If you have a change of address, please send us the new shipping address in your mail as well.

If you purchased your item after December 10, 2014, don’t worry, you will get the chance to receive the next free gift at the next record-breaking time.

We can’t thank you enough to all our DistinQue members and PinKixxes out there for visiting our etsy sites.

Please share in the comment which item is your favorite from our PinKixx on Etsy! 🙂


50% Off 1 Day Anniversary Sale!

That’s right. This week is special for us at PinKixx. Our first anniversary is tomorrow, and, to celebrate our first anniversary, we are going out big. Here’s our gift to you!


1st anniversary sale

We are glad to announce this tomorrow’s sale news to our blog readers first 12 hours ahead. Please use the coupon code :


to get your 50% off from us, PinKixx, on any item available in our site. In addition to the 50% off coupon, we are also sending a secret gift for every order. The gift will be chosen depending on the item you ordered and included in the package along with your purchased item. The secret gift will be only available while the supply lasts, so please hurry up!

Please note that this coupon is only valid for 24 hours on July 4, 2014, from midnight to 11:59pm  pacific time. All sales with 50% off coupon are final sale. No return will be accepted. Excludes gift certificate sale.  Cannot be combined with another other offer. This  incredible offer is available only at main site.

Please come and share your favorite items from PinKixx in the comment!