6 Awesome Gift Packing Ideas!

Alright, alright. You are all ready.

Everyone’s in holiday moods, and (almost) all of you have gifts you want to give out this christmas and holiday season. How’s your packaging coming along? The packaging from the store looks good and convenient, but why don’t you give a little more personal touch on the thoughtful gifts you picked out for your loved ones?

1. Words

Putting thoughtful words on each gift for the person who will receive the gift is always heartwarming.

Gift Package with Words

Gift Package with Words

2. Nature

Any gift wrapping for winter holidays that involves nature related patterns or objects looks more festive. Not to mention, they look fabulous!

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

3. Use what you already have

These brown paper bags are very useful in various ways, even for the gift wrapping!

Paper Bag Packaging

Paper Bag Packaging

4. Warmth

Do you have a sweater you are not wearing anymore? It looks always nice to decorate with something that reminds us the season. We thought this warm wool sweater idea was perfect for the winter holiday gifts.

Sweater Wrapping

Sweater Gift Wrapping

5. Neon and Colors

A lot of items from Colorful PinKixx are about modern colors. Adding colors on the gift would be a lot of fun.

Neon Color Ribbon Packaing

Neon Color Ribbon Packaging

6. Geometric

PinKixx’s Geometric Collections are all about geometric shapes and making them fashionable. These geometric patterns will make your gift package more unique and modern.

Geometric Pattern Packaging

Geometric Pattern Packaging

There you have it. For more details, please click on the pictures.

PinKixx wishes you all a wonderful Christmas and happy Holidays!

Free Priority Shipping for Your Holiday Gifts!

Hello, our beautiful PinKixxes! How’s your holiday shopping going?

Holiday shopping is at the last minute for handmade gifts, and this is the busiest time for PinKixx. For our members who haven’t finished their holiday gift searches, PinKixx is offering FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING upgrade for USA orders!



Please select standard shipping for your shipping option while checking out and note “FREE PRIORITY” in the note to seller. We’ll automatically upgrade your shipping to priority if the destination of the package is in the USA.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our international members! International buyers can note “HOLIDAY SPECIAL” in the note to seller while checking out. We’ll manually give you a discount in the same amount at the time of shipment.

Your USA order should arrive by December 20, 2015 in order for you to receive it by December 24 via priority mail. If you’d like to use even faster shipping service, Express Mail service is also ready for you to choose too.

Free Priority Shipping upgrade is a great offer for last minute online shoppers who are in a hurry to receive the gift packages, so please take an advantage of this offer today!

Also, please don’t forget the surprise specials for holiday shoppers only who place orders at PinKixx Nature & Modern or PinKixx Geometric & Tube in this December month. It’s a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

Hope you have fun shopping with PinKixx!

Jewelry of the Month No.9 Long Earrings

Are you an earring person or a necklace person?

The survey shows that a lot more women in america wear earrings than a necklace everyday. I am personally a necklace person. I wear a necklace almost everyday. There are occasions that I wear earrings too. That’s when I want more attention from people or when I want to feel glamorous. For that, the earrings I wear tend to be big or long, obviously not everyday jewelry. Having something dangling on my ears definitely makes me feel sexier and more confident.

chandelier earrings from nordstrom

chandelier earrings from nordstrom

Of course that doesn’t mean big or long earrings are only for special occasions or parties. They can also be worn for casual days.

long 3d earrings from pinkixx jewelry

long 3d earrings from pinkixx jewelry

Long and Lean earrings are not flashy or bulky, so they can coordinate with casual outfits, and you can wear them everyday if you wish to.

long cube earrings from pinkixx jewelry

long cube earrings from pinkixx jewelry

It’s a good idea to stack up different long or big earrings for different occasions. Some for casual and some for special occasions.

Geometric Collections at PinKixx Jewelry just added some long earrings for your holiday choices. They can be for your next holiday party, girls’ night out, or weekend date night. Definitely cool and unique to wear.

long spike earrings from pinkixx jewelry

long spike earrings from pinkixx jewelry

What type of long earrings are your favorite? Cool? Unique? Glamorous? Colorful? Please share your favorite long earrings in the comment!

Try Your New Long Earrings Today!

You can send a sexy gift this holiday too!

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November Holiday Giveaway Starts Now!

Wonderful Holidays are coming up very soon, and PinKixx is running November GIVEAWAY!

We had our huge sale in October for newsletter subscribers only. For November, we decided to run a  GIVEAWAY! We had a giveaway before, but never during the holiday season.

november giveaway from pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from modern collections from pinkixx jewelry

The giveaway rule is very simple. Every 5 orders we receive and complete, we’ll randomly pick one customer (in those 5) and send our FREE GIFT to her/him!

If you ordered from our Nature or Modern Collections, the giveaway gift will be one of our bestsellers from modern collections, Silver Infinity Bracelet (in the pic above).

If you ordered from our Geometric or Tube Collections, the giveaway gift will be also the bestseller from our Geometric collections, Long Cube Necklace (in the pic below).

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

The odds are pretty big for you to get a free gift, don’t you think? We’re going to run this giveaway for the whole month. Your order has to be made before November 30, midnight, pacific time. The winner will be contacted via email provided in the order.

This is going to be FUN! To participate, please visit our shop HERE!

Last Minute Gift Guide

One week and counting. We are so close to Christmas and pretty sure everyone is already in holiday mood. We’ve been featuring a lot of gift guides for the past few weeks from gift guides for co-workers to gift guides for nieces and nephews. All with the same intention, which is to help you to share joy and happiness this holiday season. If you haven’t finished your christmas shopping yet, here are some facts that will help you for the last minute shopping:

1. Buy Local

Support your local business! Whether it’s a physical store or online shop, you can have your gift delivered or picked up before Christmas for sure. If it’s from small business, the better!

Shop Small Shop Local

2. Buy Ready to Ship

Online shops have deadlines for customers to consider for big holidays like Christmas, especially when it’s handmade. Check their deadline for christmas delivery before you order online to make sure you’ll have your gift when you need it. Lots of shops also indicates if the item you’re about to purchase is ready to ship or how long it’ll take to ship out. If this is at the last minute, look for ready-to-ship products for the faster delivery.

3. Look for Free Expedited Shipping Service

This is another incentive for the last minute shoppers. A lot of shops open late for faster service at the rush shopping time and  grab more customers’ attention with faster shipping services with no extra charge. A definite kudo to go with.

4. Find Extra Incentives along with the purchase

Around holidays, many stores offer free gifts, more discounts, free shipping, free gift packaging, exclusive deal coupons for future  sales, or other incentives for purchases. This is a great way to save some dough and receive a great deal for the future from your favorite shops, even at the last minute.

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Pearls

Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Pearls – Click Here

If you are still in the look out for something beautiful and meaningful, PinKixx too is all set to cater your need. PinKixx also offers many special deals that can benefit you while purchasing your gifts from our collections. Besides being ready to ship of most  items from all our collections, we provide free upgrade of priority mail for USA orders (Dec. 13 – Dec. 19), free gift card for holiday orders ($10 card up to $50 order, $20 card more than $50 orders), and exclusive deals for next year sample sale up to 90% off (includes for holiday shoppers, PinKixx members, and Newsletter subscribers). Not to mention, a part of your purchase goes to the charity we support each year, all year around. Doesn’t it sound like a complete package of joyful shopping experience?

Although the deadline for christmas delivery for international orders are past, PinKixx is still shipping out your gifts for you to receive before Christmas if it is within the USA. The last day for that is tomorrow, December 18th.

Do hurry and click HERE to shop!