Have the Best Holiday with the Best Deal!

Hello, our beautiful PinKixxes! How’s your holiday shopping going?

Holidays are one of the perfect times to get something special for special someone.

A handmade or one of a kind gift for someone special carry beautiful spirits of sharing and loving. We PinKixx always try hard to help and make more enjoyable shopping experience for you.

So to make this joyful holiday season even more enjoyable, we’re sharing our love with a best deal we can possibly offer!

best hoilday with best deal at pinkixxjewelry

click the pic to shop!

Please add the coupon code below when you check out and receive 30% off on all items.


This special offer ends on 12/12/2016, pacific time.

Hurry and get to PinKixx shop today before your favorite gets sold out. Have fun shopping!


Free Priority Shipping for Your Holiday Gifts!

Hello, our beautiful PinKixxes! How’s your holiday shopping going?

Holiday shopping is at the last minute for handmade gifts, and this is the busiest time for PinKixx. For our members who haven’t finished their holiday gift searches, PinKixx is offering FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING upgrade for USA orders!



Please select standard shipping for your shipping option while checking out and note “FREE PRIORITY” in the note to seller. We’ll automatically upgrade your shipping to priority if the destination of the package is in the USA.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our international members! International buyers can note “HOLIDAY SPECIAL” in the note to seller while checking out. We’ll manually give you a discount in the same amount at the time of shipment.

Your USA order should arrive by December 20, 2015 in order for you to receive it by December 24 via priority mail. If you’d like to use even faster shipping service, Express Mail service is also ready for you to choose too.

Free Priority Shipping upgrade is a great offer for last minute online shoppers who are in a hurry to receive the gift packages, so please take an advantage of this offer today!

Also, please don’t forget the surprise specials for holiday shoppers only who place orders at PinKixx Nature & Modern or PinKixx Geometric & Tube in this December month. It’s a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

Hope you have fun shopping with PinKixx!

November Holiday Giveaway Starts Now!

Wonderful Holidays are coming up very soon, and PinKixx is running November GIVEAWAY!

We had our huge sale in October for newsletter subscribers only. For November, we decided to run a  GIVEAWAY! We had a giveaway before, but never during the holiday season.

november giveaway from pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from modern collections from pinkixx jewelry

The giveaway rule is very simple. Every 5 orders we receive and complete, we’ll randomly pick one customer (in those 5) and send our FREE GIFT to her/him!

If you ordered from our Nature or Modern Collections, the giveaway gift will be one of our bestsellers from modern collections, Silver Infinity Bracelet (in the pic above).

If you ordered from our Geometric or Tube Collections, the giveaway gift will be also the bestseller from our Geometric collections, Long Cube Necklace (in the pic below).

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

The odds are pretty big for you to get a free gift, don’t you think? We’re going to run this giveaway for the whole month. Your order has to be made before November 30, midnight, pacific time. The winner will be contacted via email provided in the order.

This is going to be FUN! To participate, please visit our shop HERE!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for PANKs!

There are 23 million American women known as PANKs, professional aunt with no kids. One in five women is a PANK, and I am one of them. I love being a pank, and a lot of our PinKixxes are proud panks too, and we rock! You’re a cool aunt (or called “savvy auntie”) who looove your nieces and nephews, and they love you back. Around the holidays, it’s not just moms who are busy to plan for their children. PANKs spend $9 billion on toys and gifts for children annually. Wow, right?

NOW, with all the things we got for others this holiday, let’s think about ourselves. Well, someone has to get us a gift too, don’t you agree (even if that someone ends up being yourself)??? So here’s the list of Gifts for Panks. The price goes from $5 to $2000, so just pick the one (or two) that strikes you, and enjoy.

1. Bath bombs

For relaxing time and rejuvenating yourself. Like this one:


lavender bath bombs

lavender bath bombs

2. Sexy lingerie

Whether it’s for someone else to see or for myself, we do want to feel sexy. Also, this is for emergency use (?) for unexpected dates. How about something like this. It’s on sale now too:


3. Power cuff/bracelet

Love this one. I call it a Power Cuff.


4. Geometric jewelry

One of the bestsellers from PinKixx this holiday. Sexy dirty martini type. Wear them to your holiday party. They’ll be an instant hit!


Get one or two Cube on Cube Necklace from Tube Collections for your niece and nephew (and pick one for your own) too while you’re there.

3 shades of grey earrings

3 shades of grey earrings

5. Sweater/scarf

I love sweaters, and with getting old, I buy even more sweaters. Hate to be cold! I started to coordinate with scarfs recently. With scarfs, it’s so easy to accent your fashion and to make the completely different look of your favorite outfit you wear often. Click the link below and Scroll to the 4th picture. That’s the one I wanted to show you.


6. Smartphone case that prints

We panks are tech-savvy too. Try this one:


7. Bag/tote

I personally love bags. Only a handful of them I actually use on daily basis, but still I have a ton of them. If you’re like me, you’ll love to get another bag this holiday. Try this one:


There you have it. What’s your favorite? Can you tell us what’s on your list this holiday for Panks? Share it in the comment!

Top 10 Most Popular from PinKixx 2013

The year 2013 is almost over. It was the first major holiday PinKixx has gone through since the opening, and it was a lot of learning experience from introducing products online to meeting customers in person. We thank you all PinKixxes who visited us online and craft shows this year.

This year’s Top 10 most popular items from PinKixx are:

Freedom Handcuff Bracelets, Long Open Cube Necklace, and Long Brass Bullet Necklace from Geo collections.

Long Open Cube Necklace

Long Open Cube Necklace

Freedom Handcuff Bracelet

Freedom Handcuff Bracelet

Skinny Tube on Tube Bracelet from Tube collections.

Skinny Tube Bracelet

Skinny Tube Bracelet

Gold 3 Ring Earrings, Silver 3 Ring Earrings, Silver Infinity Bracelet, Gold Infinity Bracelet, Silver Word Necklace, Silver Bubble Necklace, and Silver Tree of Life Necklace from Modern collections.

Gold & Silver Infinity Bracelets

Gold & Silver Infinity Bracelets

Gold Ring-Ring-Ring Earrings

Gold 3 Ring Earrings

Silver Word Necklace - believe

Silver Word Necklace – believe

Silver Bubble Necklace

Silver Bubble Necklace

Silver Tree of Life Necklace

Silver Tree of Life Necklace

What was your favorite? Please share with us in the comment, and Thank you so much for shopping with PinKixx this year!