November Holiday Giveaway Starts Now!

Wonderful Holidays are coming up very soon, and PinKixx is running November GIVEAWAY!

We had our huge sale in October for newsletter subscribers only. For November, we decided to run a  GIVEAWAY! We had a giveaway before, but never during the holiday season.

november giveaway from pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from modern collections from pinkixx jewelry

The giveaway rule is very simple. Every 5 orders we receive and complete, we’ll randomly pick one customer (in those 5) and send our FREE GIFT to her/him!

If you ordered from our Nature or Modern Collections, the giveaway gift will be one of our bestsellers from modern collections, Silver Infinity Bracelet (in the pic above).

If you ordered from our Geometric or Tube Collections, the giveaway gift will be also the bestseller from our Geometric collections, Long Cube Necklace (in the pic below).

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

november giveaway from geometric collections at pinkixx jewelry

The odds are pretty big for you to get a free gift, don’t you think? We’re going to run this giveaway for the whole month. Your order has to be made before November 30, midnight, pacific time. The winner will be contacted via email provided in the order.

This is going to be FUN! To participate, please visit our shop HERE!

My Favorite TV Show Bones and PinKixx Jewelry

I don’t really watch TV a lot these days, but there are a couple of programs I follow regularly, and tv showBones” on Fox is one of them. I’m so glad to tell PinKixxes that our Spike Earring Hoops will be considered to be used for the show in upcoming episodes!

spike earrings for tv show bones

spike earrings for tv show bones

We’ve been fortunate and able to connect with a lot of TV shows this year. Can’t wait to share with more shows next year too.

What is your favorite TV show you think our PinKixx jewelry will be perfect for? Please share below. 🙂

How to Choose the Jewelry You Will Actually Wear

In Los Angeles where I live, the seasonal changes are minimal. It’s hot during the day and cold at night all year around. Fortunately, that typical desert weather requires me a minimal work to organize my closets. Once or twice a year I go through them and sort out donations and throw-outs and keepers. When I do that, typically I go through, ‘I never wear this,’ ‘I wore it only once,’ ‘When did I get this?,’ and ‘I can’t live without this!’ Everytime I look at the piles sorted out, I see how my style changes. At the same time, I have shirts or earrings or shoes I had for decades and I still wear often.

What I wear expresses myself. That’s who I am. Even though my style changes, there’s still ‘ME’ in there that never changes. Those are the ones that I keep for years and keep wearing. When I meet people in general, my eyes catch their accessories first. Of course, it’s a career hazard, and it’s spontaneous when it happens. Over and over times, when I see the people who accessorize themselves well –  whether their fashion sense matches with mine or not – I notice the difference between those who don’t know how to accessorize themselves and the others who do.

womens closet

photo from

Those who know how to accessorize themselves know their style. In another words, they know themselves. They know how to make decisions on things they buy. Whether their style changes over the years or not, they know how to decide and make it work for them. It doesn’t particularly mean they’re fashionable or trendy. They just know their style. The ones that you wear over and over define you. That consistency tells me the story of the wearer; who they are. Simply put, Knowing Who You Are is how to choose your jewelry (along with almost all other decisions you make for yourself).

fashion ideas

photo from

Think about What Describes You when you make your purchase. Think three words that characterize you. For example, mine goes ‘Simple, Modern, and Direct.’ Not just jewelries – as a matter of a fact – the furniture, clothes, shoes, bags, hair styles, underwears…anything I buy, have, or wear reflects on that. Bold colors, simple designs, plain colored dresses, unbalanced styles, geometric figures, a little bit off the wall, etc. That’s what I have and always go for. When I find something that satisfies all 3 of them, I know I’ll love it and keep it forever. Look into your closet and drawers and jewelry boxes and displays, and see what you wear often. Does that satisfy all three of the words that describe you? Just two? Or one? Most likely, the ones that describe all three are your favorite ones. When you decide to buy new jewelry, see if the item matches your three words. See if it shows who you are. Go for all 3 strikes. Otherwise, it might stay in the back of your closet or drawers until you decide to give it away or throw it out.

So, what your fashion/jewelry tells about yourself? Confident? Friendly? Insightful? Complex? What are your three words you consider? Please share them with us in the comment!

How to Choose Earrings

I’ve been thinking about “how to choose jewelry” for our PinKixxes for a while. I’ve been observing customers and myself for years on buying jewelries. Call it a career hazard, but when I go to events and meet people, the first thing my eyes are drawn to is the accessory they’re wearing. Sometimes I go “wow,” and a lot of other times I’m thinking “my goodness.” I see what works and what doesn’t. It’s either making you look “beautiful” or “dreadful or odd.” It has nothing to do with how old you are, what kind of clothes you’re wearing, or how expensive they look. The accessories have to be an “a-c-c-e-s-s-o-r-y” to express yourself and who you are. No exceptions.

Not sure about world-wide, but the statistic shows that there are more earring persons than necklace persons in the USA (at least for women). They might not be big, but earrings go a long way to leave any impression or impact on yourself and others who look at you. Believe me, earrings show. Here are some tips for you about how to choose earrings:

1. Make sure of the earring “size”

Size matters. You look at a beautiful model wearing earrings in a picture and think that they look perfect for you. I’ll say don’t decide just yet. Since we don’t exactly know how tall the model is or how big her face or ear is, it is not accurate to tell. Take time to find the size in  the item description. It’s very handy to have a bendable ruler and put it up on your ear to see how it would look on you. Don’t forget to consider the earwire size into the consideration too if they dangle.

Brass Diamond Earrings

Brass Diamond Earrings

2. Consider your “face type”

I wish we all have oval shaped faces, so we can wear any earrings we desire, but unfortunately it is not the case. You wouldn’t wear round ring or hoop earrings if your face is round. If you have a top narrow and bottom wide face, then you’d wear narrow triangle dangles pointing down to make up for your face shape. You can find a lot of online information about what jewelry you should consider for your face shape.  This doesn’t mean you cannot have what you want though. There are a lot of mixed combinations that you can cheat with for earrings. I’ll talk about that more later.

geometric earring

Doutzen Kroes with geometric earrings

3. Think about the “color”

What’s your favorite colors? What color of clothes do you have or wear often? Is this a special pair for a specific dress? What shoes can you wear with the earrings you’re holding in your hands right now? What color lipstick are you going to wear today? What about a scarf or a top? You can either compliment the color in the same pallet or you can go opposite. Silver or gold is easy to match. That’s why lots of  people wear them for their values and for how easy to care and coordinate.

Silver and gold Marquis Earrings

Silver and gold Marquis Earrings

4. “When” is also important

Just like the outfit you wear on each day and for each occasion, you should consider when it is that you’re wearing the earrings. On a hot day? At night? Date? Mixer? Business meeting? Running? Casual traveling? Depending on when you’re wearing them, their color and style can be decided. Dangling earrings or sparking earrings are perfect for dates or night events. Small and light studs are convenient for sporting events, rather than dangles. For hot summer days, try light dangles or light colored earrings.

What else do you think about when you choose earrings? Please share your tips here.



See You at Holiday Boutique!

Hello, PinKixxes! Christmas is approaching fast, and PinKixx is going to meet customers in person again. This time, PinKixx will be at Roosevelt Elementary School (801 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403) this Saturday, December 7, 9am-4pm, for your holiday fun shopping.

This is a great community event with lots of fun for a whole family. Dad’s club BBQ, Hispanic Club Tamales, Kids can work on their Loom project, and you can shop for families and friends till you drop.

Come to Our Holiday Boutique

Roosevelt Holiday Boutique 2013

Dozens of crafters/artists will be there to show their handmade goods, and 20% of the sales goes to Roosevelt Elementary School for kids. Please come and support local businesses and the handmade community and stop by at our booth and say hello this Saturday. See you there!