Your Favorite Summer Drinks Here!

It’s hot. It’s summer. I want to get out of here!

As you can tell from my recent posts, summer for me is ‘get-away’ ‘vacation’ and ‘recharging’ time.

I just feel like get out of the city and enjoy the sun and outdoor as much as I can and explore the unknown.

Unfortunately, this year is a little busier than usual for me, so I can’t go far. (sigh…)

But, at least in the weekend, packing up with some DIY favorite drinks and have a little party with close friends around a pool seem like a natural thing to do.

summer cocktails from

summer cocktails from

Here are some cool drinks you can enjoy anywhere this summer!

1. Frozen Dark and  Stormy

Spicy ginger beer shines in this grown-up slush.

2. Strawberry Daiquiri 

Sweet strawberries are even better with rum.

3. Mojito Slushies

Add the lime juice, agave, mint leaves, lime zest, and rum to a blender. Blend until smooth. Fill the blender to top with ice and blend until slushy. Pour into glasses, garnishing each with a sprig of mint and a lime slice.


4. Fruity Punch

A mixture of quava juice and orange juice topped with lime soda. Awesome taste!


summer drink

pic from

5. Watermelon Sangria

Looks like watermelon is on demand this summer. Put watermelon, moscato, rum, lime juice and zest, and sugar in a blender and work it until smooth. Refrigerate until chilled. Garnish glasses with lime slices and serve.

Try these refreshing summer drinks this weekend! And let us know what your favorite summer drink is in the comment!

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Refreshing Summer Drinks

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Among the four seasons in the world summer is probably the most-awaited season of all. Who would not be thrilled embracing the warm weather and friendly sunshine? But while weather is nice we need to take care of ourselves more during summer. One of the problems that are likely to happen in this season is dehydration.

Iced water is apparently not really recommended after a long day under the sun. However there are so many selections of summer drinks to refresh and wash down our throat. See our list of refreshing summer drinks below, maybe one of them is your favorite too!

1. Apple Mint Cool Water

Peel and cut a green apple in big chunks, add a handful of mint leaves and throw them in a water bottle or water jar. Let it cooled in the refrigerator before you enjoy it.

2. Strawberry Daiquiri Punch

Beat the heat with a cold refreshing lime soda and sweet strawberries.

3. Honeydew Ice

This one is a mixture of grated honeydew and cucumber in lime juice with a bit of sugar. Let it cooled in the fridge before you have it.

4. Fruity Punch

A mixture of quava juice and orange juice topped with lime soda. Awesome taste!

5. Classic Lemon Iced Tea

Brew some tea and add the lemon juice. Stack up ice cubes inside a collin, pour down the brewed tea and add some sugar syrup. Stir and enjoy!

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